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About Rockyvibes.com

Our website will try and answer as many of the most frequently asked questions that rockyvibes visitors have. Please stay glued to this website to see if your question has been answered. If your question is still without an answer kindly drop a comment, or contact rockeyvibes team.


About rockyvibes and its publicity

Rockyvibes is set to become one of South Africa’s leading multi-platform content dissemination company.

We aim to take South Africa broadcast to a new height by delivering accurate, rightful, information by complying with all relevant and existing laws, regulations.

Rockyvibes has all it staff fully on ground to deliver content from Zulu down to Kwaito brands. Our content delivery is free from hate speeches, fowl words, statements of diversity. But unifying content and taking the good people, culture, and tourism to the rest of the world.


We hope you find us cool with what you expect from rocky team.